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A Teen Writer’s Book Marketing Strategy


I have already:

  1. Created a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Read more about it on my blog post, A Teen Writer’s Guide to Social Media  and follow me on social media  through my contact page.

  2. Started a blog. You’re reading it.

  3. Created a book trailer (see it here).

  4. Made bookmarks which double as my business cards with the book cover, quote, and my contact information.

  5. Attended the Minneapolis Young Writers Workshop where I met young writers and published authors (yay networking) in addition to learning more about writing.

  6. Created the hashtag for my book (#INSOMNUS)

  7. Been asked to be interviewed on another author’s blog. I will post that interview here, as well.

I will:

  1. Read/sign books at local bookstores.

  2. Write press releases for my book for the newspaper.

  3. Read/sign books at local libraries. (Check back for updates. This will likely be in January or March).

  4. Make posters of my book 

  5. Donate copies to local school libraries (in addition to some aforementioned bookmarks).

  6. Give away free copies of my book (yes, you could win one).

Once resource I loved while making my marketing strategy was Author Media’s 89+ Book Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Life. 

What other marketing strategies do you use? Comment below.

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