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Guest Post: Tree District Books

Here’s a guest blog post written by Tree District Books about their company. Learn more about them at

tree district books logo

Tree District Books was created out of a love for reading and writing. We wanted to share our enjoyment with these activities with the world. In order to do this, we decided to help folks become the best writers they could. That’s why we not only publish, but also offer self-publishing services. We want people to enjoy creating stories and sharing their experiences and ideas with the world.

As we have grown in the past year, we have seen writers come to life. It has been a joy to see folks light up when talking about their work and get excited about perfecting their vision. When writers come to us with their stories, they have often been turned away from bigger publishing houses and sometimes feel discouraged. It’s wonderful to be able to see the potential in their work and have the ability to help them along their journey as an author. In our first year we have signed seven authors! It is an honor to be their publisher.

Our clients that use self-publishing services are just as important to us. While they aren’t using us to publish their work, they have still trusted us with their work, which as any writer knows, is like trusting someone with your child. To see the creativity our customers have and to assist them with our many services is incredibly fun. It’s a great creative outlet.

Our main goal is to keep the joy of the written word alive in a society where we all could use a little more connection. Writing is a wonderful expression and its connects us in so many ways. We provide professionalism and care, and we couldn’t be happier to do it!

For those looking for a publisher, please visit our website ( to submit your work. Please also visit our site to view our many other services including membership, website building (including SEO), editing, cover design, ISBN procurement, barcoding, copyright submission, translations, marketing, and more.

Keep writing out there!

Be sure to check out my guest blog about self-publishing as a teenager on their site at

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