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How to Help the Writer in Your Life

  1. Buy their book. This is simple and means more to them than the ten dollars means to you.

  2. Read their book. Since you have the book, you might as well read it! Also, its a lot easier to pitch the book to other people when you actually know what it’s about.

  3. Review their book!!! When you look for a book to buy, you likely look at its reviews. Other readers do the same. Its hard for authors to get reviews, but they can make the biggest difference in the success of a book.

  4. Ask other people to review their book. (see #3. Its really important).

  5. Tell other people about their book. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and you really don’t have anything to lose by telling people about it.

  6. Share social media posts about their book. Whether you have millions of followers or just a few, people won’t buy a book they never learn about.

  7. Encourage them to write… One of the main reasons most people don’t write a book is that its hard, even when you’ve done it once. Support them. Remind them to write. Be ready with copious amounts of chocolate if/when bad reviews come out.

  8. …but be sure they get out of the house. It’s easy to sit in front of the computer (either writing or just starting morosely at the blank page) for much longer than they should. Plan events to get them out of the house, interacting with people again, and maybe find the inspiration they were looking for.

  9. Ask what you can do. Different authors have different marketing strategies, so ask what they need from you (and respect what they ask you not to do).

What else have you done or wish someone had done for you? Comment below.

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