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Interview with Yogi (& Author) Guan Shi Yin

Guan Shi Yin is a teacher, healer, and mystic who guides the way of love, unity, and harmony for the New Gaia. She has an extensive background in healing, teaching, and education and holds degrees and certifications in counseling and alternative health, business, and mindful and heartful education. This is her ninth book. Guan Shi Yin is a pseudonym.

Her book, Diary of a Yogi contains true stories from a spiritual teacher, healer and mystic that will help us awaken the extraordinary power of love in our lives and channel that love to make our dreams come true. You can buy the book here  and learn more here. 

Special thanks to TREE DISTRICT BOOKS for introducing us, as well as all their work for writers and the writing community. 


1) What prompted you to turn this story into a book and seek publication for it?

My mom was my inspiration for this book.

When I was just two years old, I had a recurring dream that I was a Tibetan monk who died on a bridge just as described in the story within this book. I had the same dream every night for a year. My parents were so worried as I woke up every night screaming. They took me to specialists until one doctor told them I was too hot, they took my blankets and clothes off and the dream stopped.

Then some months before my mom passed away she told me about a meeting she had with a Maori elder in an orchard when she was just 16 and the information she was given about my past lives and future which matched the dream I had at the age of 2. She said she didn’t tell me because she didn’t want me to be influenced by such a powerful prophecy and wanted me to live my life freely. She was scared I would leave her and become a monk!

I felt the story was so compelling that a lot of people might relate to it in terms of signs and symbols they are given in their lives that connect the dots and help answer questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and “What is my mission on this planet?” as well as “Where do I find love?”

2) What was the writing process like?

I was able to feel the story flow through me like a movie, a series of images, much like a dream, connecting one to the other.

As one of my good writer friends, Jane Tara, commented, it was like reading a vision or a visionary experience, as if I was channeling something.

I would get up in the morning, watch the movie playing through in my head and listen to the voices and conversations and feel what they were feeling. Sometimes I would cry when I wrote and sometimes I would laugh. In some cases I would be taken back into the experience that I had so many years ago.

In some ways it was like composing a piece of music. There were many layers that I could “hear”. The percussion provided a beat that seemed constant and stable as I wrote. The strings provided the emotion, wafting in and out of the main melody. The brass provided the drama, punctuating the story with strong feeling. And the wind provided the melody and higher realms when I entered into some things that were a little otherworldly.

3) What advice do you have for other writers? Is there anything you wish you knew sooner in the process?

Have a really clear intention to begin with. If you are telling a personal story make sure you do that and really live it through the book. If you are writing non-fiction, research it really well, live the subject so you eat, sleep, and dream it. If you are writing fiction, live in your characters skin so your readers really live the characters with you.

Then when you market the book, bring a message of love.

Reach out to help people, whether it is through your humor, your suspense, your information or your stories of love

Keep your focus as you are writing the book. Set aside a time and place that is just for writing. When you write, write, don’t have any distractions, let your family know, make it a sacred time and go deep within when you write.

Make writing your passion. If it is the first thing you think about when you get up in the morning then that is writing calling you.

Write write write every day, practice practice practice.

When I think about it, I wish I had thought about my pitch a little more clearly. Get about 10 different writers or people that love reading to give you different perspectives on what you have written and summarize it for you and help you with your pitch. That way you can reach out to your audience much more easily.

4) Tell me a little bit about your spiritual television channel with VoiceAmerica, Enlightened World. How did that come about and how does it relate to your book?

Enlightened World came about through my meetings with Dr. Ruth Anderson.

When I met Ruth, the founder of the Enlightened World Network, I felt touched by a kindred spirit and divine healer. She also works with the Divine Mother and the Archangels in a way that resonates with my approach and the way I work with people.

I was struck by how Ruth also wants to bring about positive change to everyone on the planet. She is creating a network, platform, and a voice for lightworkers everywhere to support–and be supported by–a global spiritual awakening. What could be more compelling or more needed at this time?

We connected, and now I’m so excited to be in charge of five new programming channels that bring fun, beauty, healing, love, wisdom, compassion, awakening, and transformation to people everywhere. These channels relate directly to my book Diary of a Yogi which is about awakening and transformation and the healing that happens when we open our hearts to the fun, beauty and love all around us.

I also feel blessed to share the revelations and transformations that each one of us can experience through the channel called Diary of a Yogi. This is something that draws on my book.

5) What prompted you to launch your new channel, Author’s Corner? Who is the target audience and who would benefit from watching?

Ruth and I were talking about opportunities with other authors as I was going to do an interview with Kevin Schoeninger, author of Clear Quiet Mind: Four Simple Steps to Deep Inner Peace. The combination and timing seemed perfect so we spoke with the networks, RHG TV and VoiceAmerica and they agreed. The target audience is readers, a little like Goodreads for people exploring their purpose in life and wanting inspiration from creative souls like you and me, Molly.

6) Tell me more about your own experiences with dreams. My first book, Insomnus deals with a girl who cannot control her dreams, which become real, but you mentioned that you have actually entered into people’s dreams. What was that like? 

I had an uncanny connection with a girl I call Rihanna in Diary of a Yogi. My meeting with my star family, which is how I refer to the extraterrestrials and my light family, the dolphins, had opened a way from this world into others. If you read the book you will discover what happened through my connections with a real extraterrestrial experience which was reported on television and radio and investigated by the USAF, and the dolphins which was witnessed by five of my friends who to this day are still amazed by it. Telepathy with Rihanna became as easy and natural as breathing, even without trying. I would suddenly find himself in her dreams, so I would call her, and she would confirm, “Yes, I was wearing a white dress with a necklace of pearls.” We could be in separate rooms and shown an object or given something to touch and we would both have an identical experience. Rihanna could hold a pack of cards, secretly draw a sequence and I could tell her what they were.

We had discovered this by accident one night when we were in a meditation group. It was shortly after a trip to India and the Himalayas that I had made to see Swami Shyam. When I came back I was literally glowing. Everyone noticed it. I discovered on my return that by raising the energies up my spine while holding an intention I could trigger a similar energy in anyone that looked into my eyes. I knew this was the Naga energies working through me. One night as we were going around the circle and people were asking me to activate this energy or that intention, when I reached Rihanna I suddenly felt myself raised up and leaving my body and an instant later found myself in her body. It was most uncanny and incredibly unnerving and greatly upset our partners at the time. They wanted us to stop immediately which we did but the natural consequence of this unexpected skill was the desire to experiment. So consciously and unconsciously in dreams, the telepathy between the two of us unfolded.

7) How did you find out about Tree District Books? What was that process like?

Tree District Books is helping me with marketing. I met them through Twitter where Christina and Mick were kind enough to respond to my many questions which is what encouraged me to go further down the marketing road with them.

They are a very down to earth company with wonderful resources and a very personal feel.

The process has been easeful with insightful questioning and some great advice on pitches.

They have helped me make connections I wouldn’t have made in any other way which I am deeply grateful for.

My actual publisher is Hay House/Balboa Press.

They were instrumental in the publishing process itself and the launch of the book as well as some of the marketing happening now.

8) Why should someone buy your book? What should they expect to get out of it?

The book is a gift from the heart, and helps you if you are struggling in any way with life and love or your health and finances or are trying to find your mission in life. It helps you connect the pieces of the puzzle. It is a diary, so a visionary experience and has a companion guide, Diary of a Yogi: Portals of Presence, which will be published soon.

The book is a diary, a journey, and as readers have described, it takes you to places you never knew existed in your heart (Karin, Sweden), is like Autobiography of a Yogi blended with The Alchemist (Kevin, USA, author of Clear Quiet Mind), and enables the divine within you to unfold (Pauline, UK).

9) What’s something you think people should do every day? Read, write, do yoga, meditate?

LOL yes! Read, write, do yoga, meditate! Climb every mountain, follow every rainbow and take a friend out to gaze at the stars. And don’t forget to have fun!

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