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New short story being published!

I just found out that SHARE (, a new publication that publishes one story a month, will be publishing a short story of mine, Twenty-four! The publication explores “personal stories of adversity, hardships, achievements and growth.” While 24 is not a direct biography of my life, it explores issues that I am passionate about, like mental health advocacy, supporting others with mental health issues, mental illness making children have to become caretakers, issues with society’s dialogue around beauty, and more.

The story is one I wrote for a fiction workshop, more-or-less a satire about the fashion industry told by a model struggling to support herself and her ex-model mother suffering from depression.

Also, some update on other stories!

The tentative publication of my YA novel, Starvation, is November 2020 — stay tuned for more information. I’ll be posting a cover reveal, bonuses for signing up for the pre-order, calls for ARC (advanced reader copy) reviewers, and more!

Also, the short story anthology I have a story in, Running Wild Press Anthology, Paper Girl about a girl in an in-patient eating disorder treatment center, is wrapping up edits and should be out Spring/Summer 2020!

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