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New website, new promos, and giveaways

Starvation has now been out over 2 months (yay!) and has an average of 4.8/5 stars on Amazon and 4.5/5 on Goodreads out of 65 ratings. The novel reached #2 new release in two categories which is awesome! Thanks for all your support in these successes. If you haven't reviewed the book yet, please do. Not only does this help me immensely, I'd love to send you a Starvation bookmark if you do.

Upcoming giveaways: I'll be doing a giveaway over NEDA week (National Eating Disorder Awareness). Not only will I be offering copies of Starvation, I've teamed up with (more than 10) other YA authors to giveaway copies of their books as well. Subscribe to to get notified of those giveaways if you haven't already.

Another reason to subscribe to my blog-- for a limited time I'm offering $3 off a signed copy of Starvation if you sign up. My redesigned website (check it out!) allows me to sell copies directly to you, including signed copies. I'll also be releasing free materials to email subscribers only-- stay tuned for more information.

In light of the Bernie Sanders mittens memes (from the inauguration), I'll leave you with a Bernie's Mittens rendition of my book cover.

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