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Novel and Short Story to be Published!

A short story of mine, Paper Girl, is going to be published in this year’s Running Wild Press short story anthology. Originally written for a creative writing class of mine, I recently went back and edited it before submitting it this week. A day later, especially fast given the normal pace of the publication industry, I received word that it is being published! I will send out a post when it is released.

The story is about a girl with an eating disorder, stemming from my studies of clinical psychology. I am receiving money for the work, but I am donating the proceeds to Melrose Center, an eating disorder treatment program that also does research, education, and more. If you would like to donate as well, you can do so here.

Today has been a crazy day because I also found out my novel, STARVATION, also about eating disorders (but in a young male wrestler), will be published by Immortal Works!

I am planning on donating a portion of the profits to the Melrose Center as well.

Keep up to date as I learn more about publication dates, giveaways, and more by subscribing to my blog (on the side bar).

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