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Release of The Kings 100

The King's 100 by [Karin Biggs]

Karin Biggs’ The Kings 100, which I previously reviewed here, is now available on Amazon! You can find the book here.

The book already has 8 reviews (all 4 and 5 stars!) and yesterday was the #1 release for Teen/YA Romantic Mysteries.

An overview of my thoughts:

4/5 stars. A great debut book. The characterization was masterfully done and made it easy to root for the characters. The world building felt obvious, but worked. With the ending, there was enough closure to be satisfied, but enough left unresolved that the ending 1) was thought-provoking and 2) feels like the world continues on beyond the story, as it should. Additionally, the plot was predictable enough that it both made sense and was satisfying, while also having enough novelties to be unique.

All in all, if you’re a fan of The Selection or a non-tragic Romeo and Juliet, check this out!

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