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The Inspiration for My First Novel, InSomnus

Then, I plopped myself down on the couch and tore through book after book. I remember signing my name for my library card, in awe that this was all I needed to take home my treasure (not that, at three years old, I would have had to pay for books, but still..). At school, the librarian had to help me find novels that I hadn’t already read. At home, I took them on every car ride and devoured them in every free moment. The summer after fourth grade, I read at least one 300-page book per day.

Thanks to my obsessive reading, I quickly grew a fascination for the worlds wrapped up in black-and-white print. I thought of scenarios and stories as I got ready for school each morning and as I went to bed each night. Then, I began to write. They were mostly short stories or simply book titles or character names, but it was enough to get me hooked.

Next, when I was thirteen, I got a typewriter from my great-uncle which, although not practical, prompted me to start writing down a story I had about a group of children. The story captivated me and I couldn’t stop telling it. I switched between the typewriter, computer, and writing with a purple, sparkly pen (I was convinced at that point that purple pens made me write better, despite my deep dislike for the color). Three years later, it was complete at 30,000 words.

The premise of the book revolved around children who changed into animals or had powers while they slept. I got this idea when I was little, staring at the ceiling trying, in vain, to fall quickly asleep. Since it was so hard to sleep, I figured that something great must occur once I finally was able to. (Now, it is magical not if I fall sleep, but if I get time to sleep, but that is a separate issue…)

While my first attempt at a novel is probably not salvageable to publish, it has been one of the most valuable things I’ve done.

The idea of people having powers while they sleep became the main idea for InSomnus. I learned how to (and how not to) write a book and that writing always takes ten times longer than you think it will. (Believe me, it does.)

Then, in January of my sixteenth year, I decided I was going to write another novel before I graduated high school. This time, armed with my past experience, google, and determination I finished the first draft in eight months and the fourth draft in a year. That story I now call InSomnus from the latin Somnus meaning sleep.

My novel is scheduled to come out this August, so stay tuned for updates and the release date.

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