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YA/NA Contemporary Novels You May Like (but haven't heard of)

Looking for your next read? Want young adult, realistic stories like in my novel Starvation? Want to venture into new adult, with protagonists who are around college-age?

I've teamed up with writers of other Young Adult/New Adult novels-- all of which are contemporary fiction-- to bring you a list of 6 books to check out, mostly from smaller or independent presses.

(For those who don't know, Story Origin is a website that allows authors to cross-promote their books, sales, giveaways, and more. Basically, it lets us bring our audiences [you!] lists of great deals as well as great books you may not have heard of before!)

Click here to check out those books, including my novel, Starvation.

And if you haven't yet, subscribe to my blog for $3 off your signed copy! You'll also get notified of any giveaways or promotions... that may be coming up very soon...

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