Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in collaborating.

At this time I AM ACCEPTING books to review and authors to feature. I am also always open to guest posts on writing, books, and/or mental health.

Please Note

  1. All reviews will be my honest opinion.

  2. If I do not finish a book, I will mark it as such. I will give you the option for me to write a review or not. My review would be based on the section that I wrote.

  3. I prefer YA. No erotica or pure horror, but I will consider non-YA in other genres, especially romance or contemporary.

  4. I will upload reviews to Amazon and Goodreads. I can review on other sites on request.

  5. I reserve the right to refuse any book, including based on lack of interest before, or while reading, a book.

  6. I reserve the right to refuse a guest post/feature with anyone based on any reason.

  7. If you are a young writer, please let me know. I will make it a priority to feature you :). 

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When you reach out

1. Be sure you're following me here. 

2. Adding me on Facebook or Twitter doesn't hurt :)

3. Double-check your request meets my requirements.

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