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Review Policy

Please read this before contacting me with a request!

I AM CURRENTLY CLOSED for reviews and blog content (e.g., author interviews, cover reveals, etc).

I also welcome guest posts, author interviews, cover reveals, book cover blurbs, beta reading, and more. I am not currently charging for any of these. I am happy to do speaking engagements (schools, book clubs, homeschools, mental health advocacy, etc).

If you are a younger or debut author looking for help with any step of the writing, editing, or marketing process, please reach out! I'd love to help. 

I mostly read YA (young adult), and especially love the following:

  • Mental health themes

  • Characters who actively drive the plot/conclusion

  • Contemporary, with or without romance

  • LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, OWNVoices writers and characters

  • Tension or characters that keep me turning the page

  • Young authors (especially 25 and under!)

I will consider all YA, some MG, and some adult, especially if it includes the aforementioned characteristics. I am also open to:

  • Non-fiction related to self-help, psychology, health and wellness, business, marketing, baking, sports, mental health, or dogs.

  • Psychological thrillers or mysteries.

  • I am a TheIndieView reviewer, meaning I accept both traditionally and independently published books. (Find more reviewers who accept indie works on their website). 

Not for me, ever:

  • Promoting of diets, fatphobia, xenophobia, sexism, transphobia, multilevel marketing schemes, religious conversion, or anything related.

  • Glorifying or stereotyped portrayal of mental illness. 

  • Adult science fiction or fantasy or erotica.

  • Children's books for ages below MG.

  • Books from the point of view of an abuser (unfortunately, I do have to explicitly say this one...)

If you're unsure if I am a good fit for your book, feel free to reach out to ask.

Rating system

**I reserve the right to decline any book, or DNF/not finish any book, at any time, for any reason.**

I rate books out of 5 stars, usually using whole numbers. Occasionally I will use half numbers and will round on sites that require full numbers. I post reviews to my blog (which are sent to my subscribers), Amazon, and Goodreads (see my profile here). I am open to posting other places as well, if you let me know. Ratings are usually 2+ paragraphs.

If I DNF or denote the book as 1-2 stars, I will reach out to you to see if you'd like me to go forward with posting the review or not.

What to send

When pitching a book for me to review, please send a link to Amazon or Goodreads, the blurb, the genre, and why you reached out. (Tip: I'm much more likely to review your book if you subscribe to my blog, plus you'll get a notification that I posted the review). 

I prefer physical copies or PDFs, if possible. 

I am currently *CLOSED* for review requests.

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