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John Green meets Laurie Halse Anderson in this "haunting" and "incredibly real" book that "holds you there until the very last sentence". 

"I can't recommend it enough." "It is very realistic!" -- Eating disorder survivors

"The author does a tremendous job" and "conveys the experience well". -- Eating disorder specialists

"This book was powerful." -- Isla and Maya reviewers


16-year-old Wes McCoy is not the favorite child.

He does not have a wrestling scholarship to Stanford nor does he live up to the family legacy as an athlete, unlike his brother, Jason. But when Jason dies in a car accident on the way to the state high school wrestling championship, Wes turns to food to give him the control over his life he didn’t have before-- the kind of success he never tasted.

Wes must take back control from his eating disorder as he learns more about himself and the mystery surrounding Jason’s accident, before he loses his life and those closest to him.

The Premise


*75% 5-star reviews on Amazon*

"I started and finished this book in two days! It’s compelling, thoughtfully and well-written, and accurately portrays an individual’s life with an eating disorder."

"Unlike other cheesy novels about eating disorders, this one does not generalize symptoms or origins- it is very realistic! I could not put this down and the only reason I had to was because my Nook died on chapter 40. Finished this in 2 days and I can’t recommend it enough to those who both experienced an eating disorder, parents who have children with one, or want to learn more about them."

"I highly recommend this book for its engaging narrative and skillful handling of a topic that is so often exploited for the sake of shock value. It is rare to see a topic like EDs written about in such a conscious way that gives the reader insight into the people around them who might be struggling."


"This was such fantastic book! I started reading and quite literally could not put it down until I finished (the same night). The author does a tremendous job getting the reader invested in the characters while simultaneously exploring very tough subjects."

"5/5 Stars. Mental health books are rare, but not as rare as one that conveys the experience well. Even more, I've only heard of one or two others that explore male eating disorders." 


"This is one I won’t be forgetting soon."

"Wow. Just wow. I couldn’t turn away as I flew through this emotionally charged book. It was deep, sad, dark, mesmerizing. It was haunting and incredibly real. The author has a real gift."

"Not even 50% in and I am bawling my eyes out. Not only are the characters fantastically written, their emotions pour out on the pages... Molly does one heck of a job getting into this topic right from the start and she holds you there until the very last sentence. Very well done."

"I am beyond impressed at the writing style and the flow of her writing and will absolutely read more. Awesome book!!"


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