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Young Adult Contemporary, Mental Health

John Green meets Laurie Halse Anderson in this award-winning, "haunting," and "incredibly real" book that "holds you there until the very last sentence".

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Independent Press Awards 
2021 Distinguished Favorite


Reader's Favorite

2021 Silver Medal Winner


The Premise

16-year-old Wes McCoy is not the favorite child. 

He does not have a wrestling scholarship to Stanford nor does he live up to the family legacy as an athlete, unlike his brother, Jason. But when Jason dies in a car accident on the way to the state high school wrestling championship, Wes turns to food to give him the control over his life he didn't have before-- the kind of success he never tasted.

Wes must take back control from his eating disorder as he learns more about himself and the mystery surrounding Jason's accident, before he loses his life and those closest to him.

Male Survivor and Advocate, Jason Wood


I don't read a lot of fiction books but Molly may have just changed that with this incredibly powerful story. As a male battling an eating disorder and mental illness myself, I find the main character extremely relatable. You can tell this book was well researched and thought out. And talk about capturing your attention! The plot had me flipping to the next page as fast as I could! I would recommend this to everyone as a must-read!!

What Eating Disorder Survivors are Saying

Author Amy Michelle Carpenter


An excellent book.
Wes, a teen boy wrestler, falls into the trappings of anorexia. Captured brilliantly in a fascinating order...starting in the middle and working backwards and forwards in the story. A story full of loss, sadness, and the real difficulties of anorexia... Very well researched. I definitely recommend! 

What Readers are Saying

Researcher Samantha H.


This was such fantastic book! I started reading and quite literally could not put it down until I finished (the same night). The author does a tremendous job getting the reader invested in the characters while simultaneously exploring very tough subjects. 

What Eating Disorder Experts are Saying

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